Weekly Links

January has felt like such a long month! It’s unreal to me that both Christmas and 2016 were barely a month ago. I’m ready for change, for warm weather, and for growth.

I might be a tad sick right now, but my monthly juice cleanse begins soon, and I’m looking for all the positivity I can find!

Here are some fun and interesting things on my radar this week:

  1. 12 of the Scariest Documentaries on Netflix Right Now – I love documentaries, I love anything spooky, I love Netflix. I’ve seen only 2 or 3 films on this list, and I’m looking forward to tackling the rest!
  2. 5 Simple Ways to Manage Stress on Your Own – A short list of some great reminders (I especially love the recommendation of doing things you know you love, even if you don’t feel like it.)
  3. Best SNL Skits – So great. My boyfriend is a HUGE fan of SNL and always keeps me updated on the funniest skits and clips.
  4. How to Dress for Winter Running – I was really into running last Fall, and I’m looking to get back into it! With the recent (and seemingly never-ending) chilly temps, this list is super helpful.
  5. Essential Oils for Acne and Stress – I love essential oils and am looking to expand my (tiny) collection. I recently stopped by my neighbor’s, who is big into essential oil, and was immediately taken aback by how wonderful her home smelled. I’m looking to create the same thing for my space!
  6. Raw Salted Chocolate Snack Bars – YUM! Looking forward to making these post-cleanse.
  7. Epsom Salt Benefits – I love a good epsom salt bath! The health benefits are pretty incredible, and I find nothing more relaxing than a bubble bath.

photo by janinetollady


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