NAMASTE Listenin’

I started to get into podcasts around the time that I began making the drive from Chattanooga to NOLA about 4 years ago. The drive is long and flat, and once you get past the mountains and traffic in downtown Atlanta, there’s not really a whole lot to look at.

I made dozens of playlists to pass the time, bought audiobooks from Mckay’s, and finally stumbled across the world of podcasts. There’s quite a few that I like to listen to regularly, and I plan on doing a post of some of my favorites soon! In the meantime though, I’ve got to put the spotlight on That’s So Retrograde, an awesome, uncensored wellness podcast run by two hilarious LA yogis. They’ve described themselves as a mix between GOOP and Broad City, and I couldn’t be more into it! From healing crystals, to astrology, to meditation, to juicing, these girls cover a ton of trending holistic topics. Not only do I laugh every time I listen, but I learn a little something too.

The TSR ladies have highlighted a number of companies that are super interesting, with some of my favorites being No Tox Life, Thrive Market, and LOLA.

You can check out a few of my favorite episodes below, and be sure to subscribe!

  1. Beauty RX – eating for beauty!
  2. Good Gut Kit – healthy gut healthy ~vibes~
  3. Bite Us – the low down on Lyme Disease
  4. Spill The (Fermented) Tea – benefits of kombucha!
  5. High Vibes – cannabis science and wellness —–> super fascinating
  6. Souper Aligned – benefits of plant based meals and soups





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