big easy

I’ve been a Big Easy girl for just over a month and now that I’m settled I figured it’s (well past) time that I dedicate a post to my lovely new home!

I’ve been busy writing, biking, baking, wine-and-coffee drinking, playing in sculpture gardens and book stores, petting all the dogs, and taking silly photos with my boy

10444542_2909053645115_270042636935168538_n 10513407_2914833909618_1310627184100117339_n 10502206_2915304281377_5307042186263770770_n 10488375_2911446064924_4935846668317862135_n 10306742_2897515396666_8764147481829410356_n 10308067_2892986403444_6984270613462123239_n10453343_2911925276904_4739918168212585514_n 10458853_2914802548834_3521571357783071032_n 10460213_10202934717381582_3993309282107626896_n 10461998_2886262315346_3723254381688655758_n 10386783_2892526191939_8549563605704938809_n 10460710_2908801638815_6551436898436141141_n




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